Board Information

Board Position Descriptions

Board members must have at least 1 year of good standing in BBG. Not in the group for a year yet and want to help? Check out Volunteer Positions below! Both the board and volunteer positions are great ways to give back to the group.


The primary role of the president is to provide leadership and guidance for the chapter that aligns with the BBG vision and goals of the group. One of the most important parts of their role is that they set the tone of the meeting. By being organized, engaging, and making the meeting exciting for everyone to attend. Outside of running a successful and organized meeting, the president ensures that the leadership team members carry out their roles efficiently. This is done by scheduling and running the monthly board meeting.


    The Vice President is responsible for running the meeting in the absence of the president. They are in charge of running the weekly Vice President’s Report during the meeting and helps with additional information that needs to be reported on a weekly base. They are also responsible for both opening and closing the meeting venue. A second board member will have keys to the venue as well, but it is the Vice President’s responsibility to coordinate a key exchange if that second board member will not be present for whatever reason.

    The Vice President is the glue between the president and the rest of the board members and must have the same great drive to make sure the meetings are running successfully.


    The Secretary tracks attendance and takes any important notes during the weekly meetings. Their responsible for contacting members when they have reached 3 misses, letting them know a 4th will terminate their membership. Upon a member’s 4th miss, the Secretary will let that member know about the termination of their membership for breaking the attendance agreement that every new member signs. The secretary also takes notes during the monthly board meetings and sends an email recap of the monthly board meetings to the board.

    Membership Coordinator

    The Membership Coordinator provides an orientation for new members and pairs new members with a more experienced mentor in the group. They will also connect members who are having trouble in the group with an experienced member to ensure a successful membership. The Membership Coordinator will look after new members making sure they understand the meeting, BBG terms, and policies. Their job is handling the new member application and letting the existing members know when we have an applicant ready to join. They also provide a weekly report during the meeting about any new members or outgoing members. The Membership Coordinator joins monthly board meetings.


    The Treasurer maintains and monitors the chapter’s bank account, collects quarterly dues, annual membership dues, and pays the required bills, including quarterly mixer costs. They speak during the weekly board report to summarize the budget and talk about membership fees. The Treasurer joins monthly board meetings with up to date financials for the board to review.

    Referral Coordinator

    The Referral Coordinator oversees collecting our tip sheets and tracking all referral dollars being passed through our group by our members. The Referral Coordinator will be inputting the numbers in our online program and report up to date information on a weekly basis. They are also in charge of describing what inside/outside/escrow tips are and giving detailed information on how to correctly fill out the forms. The Referral Coordinator joins monthly board meetings.

    Volunteer Position Descriptions

    Visitation Coordinator

    Each month, each Bend Business Group members is assigned to meet with another member to learn more about each other’s businesses so they can better provide each other with referrals. After meeting outside of the weekly meeting, they will give that other member a 30-second commercial in place of their own. The Visitation Coordinator is responsible for coordinating these pairings and making sure each pair has met during the month at some point.

    Social Media Coordinator

    The Social Media Coordinator is in charge of looking after the chapter’s Facebook page, Facebook group, and Instagram account. Social Media Coordinator works closely together with members to make sure they are highlighted when appropriate and make sure all social platforms are utilized consistently to promote both our members and our group to the community.

    Events coordinator

    TThe Events Coordinator is responsible for planning and executing a quarterly mixer for the board members, their families, and potential members to attend. The mixer will replace the morning meeting that week. They will coordinate with the Secretary to make sure the event is within our chapter’s budget.

    Website Manager

    The Website Manager is responsible for updating the website with new member information, including profiles, visitation schedule, presentation schedule, and a directory. Once a new member joins or a past member leaves, the Website Manager will update the site to reflect current information. They will also update the meeting location, times, or links if the meeting format or location changes.

    Program Director

    The Program Director organizes the weekly greeter, featured display, and featured speaker program and contacts the members each week as a reminder. They introduce the program prior to their presentation and make sure they are ready for their 10-minute presentation which includes two truths/one lie at the end. They help with coordinating the schedule for the entire year and provide guidance and resources to members to help them succeed in each role.

    Sergeant of Arms

    The Sergeant of Arms is responsible for leading the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each in-person meeting. Once the 30-second commercials start, they are also responsible for timing each commercial and alerting the speaker (through a bell or otherwise) when they are over the 30-second limit.

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